Meet The Staff

Top row left to right:  Dr Kelley, Claire, Jamie, Chelsey, Addie, Dre, Ms.Cindy, Kate, Jazz, Mrs.Bridget, CeCe, Paige, Caroline Melyssa, Nina, Angie , Dr. Chandler

Bottom row left to right:  Baileigh, Gabby, Alyssa, Hailey, Adriene, Toni, Micah, Lanie 

Front Office –

Dr. Kelly Reception- Toni

Dr. Chandler’s Reception – Lesley / Ann 

Referrals –  Melyssa

Check Out 1- Corey

Check Out 2 –  Lanie  

Dr Chandler’s Team

Addie- RN., Mary- LPN, Angie – Implant Coordinator, Dre -SA, Nina-SA,  CeCe- SA, Laycie SA,Floater 

Dr Kelley’s Team 

Caroline- RN, Kate- Implant Coordinator/SA  Paige- SA, Chelsey- SA,   Miranda SA, Tara, SA. 

Sterilization Tech


Insurance Department


Veterans Affairs Specialist 



Ms. Cindy 

Practice Manager

Bridget Fabre