iTero Digital Oral Scanner

photo_itero01This is a digital oral scanner that Drs. Dupree, Neupert, and Chandler use to take impressions of your mouth.  No more messy goop needed with this technique.  They can capture high resolution images that can record the position of implants placed in your mouth.  This information is sent via the cloud to iTero who fabricates a milled model of your mouth with the implant location recorded and a custom designed abutment.   On this abutment, your dentist and a dental lab can fabricate a new tooth.   This can all be done with one visit to our office.  We are simply saving you an impression appointment by doing this at the healing check visit to our office.  Your dentist will likely need to see you to check the adjacent  and opposing teeth, and discuss shading and placement of this crown with you if not done already.   Your dentist will collaborate with the dental lab to design your new tooth and abutment.  Sometimes your dentist will place this abutment and the crown and sometimes just the crown.  While this new technology is very accurate and exciting, there are still applications for traditional implant and abutment level impressions.  

Please ask Drs. Dupree, Neupert, and Chandler if you have any questions regarding iTero oral scanning.