Sinus Communication

Because of the close relationship between the upper teeth and the sinus, an opening is sometimes left after extraction of upper teeth. This is what happened in your case.

Please follow the instructions carefully. We would like to see this opening close on its own and the following are guidelines to help see this happens.

  •  Take prescriptions as directed.
  • Do not smoke for three (3) weeks.


  • Do not use a straw for three (3) weeks.


  • Do not forcefully blow your nose for at least three (3) weeks. To clear nasal secretions please use the saline nasal spray below for dried secretions way in the back of the nose and a Kleenex for those in the front.


  • When sneezing, sneeze with your mouth open and out of your mouth. Never try to stop a sneeze.

Eat soft foods for several days. Try to chew on the opposite side as much as possible.

**Slight bleeding from the nose for several days or water in your nose while

drinking is not uncommon.****


(all over the counter- however, read all package inserts to see if contraindicated or drug interactions. If you still aren’t sure please consult your family doctor.)

  • Afrin Nasal Spray

1 bottle

Take as directed, as needed for nasal obstruction – no longer than 3 days


  • Sudafed

Take as directed, as needed for nasal or sinus congestion

  • Saline Nasal Spray

1 bottle

1-2 puffs in each nostril as needed for congestion secretions

You may have been given prescription medications by your doctor and take them accordingly.