Additional Instructions for Transplanted Teeth

  1. Liquid diet for 4 weeks mandatory
  2. Don’t bite down on gauze over the newly transplanted tooth. You can place the gauze on the side only to assist in cessation of bleeding. Be careful putting gauze in and out of the mouth- a gentle bump can knock these transplanted teeth out of place.
  3. If you notice the tooth to be loose or comes out, call us and let us know. We will decide if it can be fixed or needs to be removed.
  4. No smoking for 4 weeks
  5. Brush teeth in areas not involved with the transplanted teeth
  6. Don’t brush the transplanted teeth for the first week.
  7. Rinse with salt water rinse gently and use the syringe to remove food trapped in the transplanted areas
  8. Use the antibiotic mouth rinse twice a day after brushing for 7-10 days
  9. Follow up with Dr. Chandler in 7-14 days.
  10. Remember not to bump the transplanted teeth with anything including your tongue. Even mild force could dislodge these.
  11. Sleep sitting up at 45 degrees for the first 2-3 days on your back in a chair or on the couch.
  12. Take your antibiotics as directed.
  13. Call with any concerns or questions.