Facial Muscle or Joint Home Therapy

TMJ Level I Therapy (Facial Muscle or Joint Home Therapy)

Hot/Cold Massage

3x/ Day

ice pack on face x 5min to numb area

Warm moist towels (microwave moist washcloth 30 sec) *check to make sure not too hot and massage muscles of face x 10 minutes

Massage intraorally behind last tooth up ramus (jaw bone) if tender


Tongue Reflex

Place the tongue behind maxillary central incisors (upper front two teeth) when swallowing

Place the tongue between maxillary centrals incisor teeth @ all times to create a relaxed jaw reflex if not able to do so by the following.

Close your lips and swallow with teeth apart and tongue in the palatal vault area

Keep your lips closed and breathe through your nose.

A negative suction should be created to suspend the lower jaw and allow a relaxed jaw position.

This is to decrease the work of the muscles of chewing which are what are hurting you and decrease the load on the joint which may be inflammed.



Soft, non-chew if possible


Advil 400 mg every 6 hours round the clock while awake unless you have stomach ulcers, kidney problems, moderate to severe asthma or contraindicated by the package insert

Lortab only per extreme pain if prescribed by you doctor

Flexeril at night or every 8 hours (if severe muscle spasm) if prescribed by your doctor


Don’t expect changes overnight, it may take up to 2 weeks to see some improvements

Call your doctor if any changes or concerns