Patient Privacy Policy

Lafayette Oral Surgery is a HIPPA compliant practice.  Your health information is protected, and your privacy is respected. We have take specific measures to ensure your privacy is maintained.  We have a HIPPA compliant method of transferring your personal health information to other doctors called Brightsquid ™.  Brightsquid secure mail is a HIPPA compliant server that allows the transfer of patient data from office to office through a secure vehicle.

We also do not allow personal cell phone use or photos or videos of patients in the back office in order to protect the patient. If someone asks you to put your cell phone or camera away, please understand we are doing this in an effort to protect our patients.  

Those individuals over the age of 18 that are of sound mind will sign for themselves on forms such as consent, financial responsibility, and health information.  If you do not want anyone else to be present in your consult or you do not want us to discuss any information with someone who may be with you please let us know.  We can make arrangements for you but need to know this prior.  We will assume if you bring them in the room with you, you are allowing them to hear your personal health information.  If you want us to share your health information with anyone other than you and you are 18 years of age or older, please fill out a form when you arrive that will allow for example Mom or Dad to have access to your records or results.  If you are 18 years of age or older and Mom calls for test results and we do not have that form filled out, then they will not be able to access those records until you have signed the forms.  While we understand this can sometimes be frustrating and inconvenient, we are trying to protect those individuals that wish this information to remain private.